When it comes to finding, fun, exiting, unique and unusual gifts for friends this task can seem next to impossible. Let’s be honest everyone has that one friend that has everything, in these instances it is even more important to really think outside of the box. In terms of gifting ideas for birthdays, anniversary parties, Christmas with friend’s events and much more, the idea is to find unusual things that can not be replicated anywhere else.

Unusual board games are a great gift to give a male or a female friend for either any occasion. All that is required is for you to look at the different and unusual new games on the market. When it comes to the old-fashioned game of Monopoly now days you will find different versions. Consider

Catapult for cat lovers or Harry Potter Monopoly for Harry Potter fans. If you look hard enough there are so many different versions of board games available that you are guaranteed to find something unique and unusual for even the most difficult of people to give gifts for.

If you know something that your friend enjoys like motorbikes why not find him the perfect motorbike alarm clock or cell phone case. If it is a female who loves a specific animal, why not create them a personalized shirt or hoody. Females love personalized clothing which can’t be found anywhere else. Let’s face it wearing a one of a kind unique and unusual clothing item is every female ultimate dream.

One of the best gift ideas for males and/ or females across the board for any occasion is a heat sensitive colour changing coffee mug. You can get so many different ones from popular series like Games of Thrones, to a black mug which activates an entire city or even a Pac Man game where the game and creatures emerge once the cup is hot. The options are endless and you can have vast amounts of fun when it comes to picking and choosing.

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