Valentines day is one of the hardest days to find gifts. Although almost every shop bombards you with advertisements and options, it can be difficult to find a unique, thoughtful gift. After all, if you have been with your partner for a few years, the idea of chocolates and flowers can get old. Plus, chocolates will get eaten and flowers will end up dying. This defeats the fun and excitement for Valentines day.

Instead of giving your partner the usual Valentines day gift, try something more unique and mature. Fragrances are a very popular gift for both men and women for Valentines. The prices vary depending on what you are willing to spend. There are even places which allow you to make and name your own fragrance, which could be the ideal gift for your Valentine.

If your man has a beard there are plenty of trendy beard kits on the market. Alternatively, there are also many unique technological gifts like power banks and fitness trackers for example.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a lady on Valentines day why not get her a hot stone therapy pack or delicious chocolate body paint. You could also go with a fun and exciting couples board game. There are plenty of different couple’s board games available and you may be able to find the perfect gift for your unique relationship.

If you are on a tight budget and you want to make something for your Valentines you could always take a jar and write down all the things you love about them on heart shaped paper. You can then fill the jar with tons of different messages. You could also make them a scrap book or an album of all your favourite time and memories together, the end of the album could have some pages blank and it could say “to be continued”. The possibilities for unique valentine’s day adult gifts are endless.

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