After giving your parents Christmas gifts every single year, by the time you get a bit older the chances are that you have run out of ideas and you’re too old for macaroni art. Parents are very hard to buy gifts for. They may have everything that they need or maybe they are just picky.

The trick to giving great Christmas gifts for your parents can be just thinking outside the box. Let’s start with gifts for mom. Mothers usually appreciate things which are sentimental and thoughtful. With the technological advances, photos can be printed onto almost anything. You could take a beautiful family portrait and blow it up for her onto a huge canvas. You could also consider buying her a digital photo frame and filling it with many photos. The typical digital photo frame can play music and view slideshows, the possibilities are endless. The good news is that there are plenty of different photo frames both digital and old school, at all different price points.

Other gifts for mom include spa packages, tickets to her favourite band, or gift cards so she can buy the things for herself that she normally would or could not. These gifts ensure that she gets exactly what she wants and minimize the risk of another candle or cookbook ending up in storage.

In terms of your father, photos and graphic gifts are always a good bet. There are also things like customized beer sets, fun gadgets like digital meat thermometers that hook up to your phone, or maybe an outdoor tool. Tickets to sporting events, concerts and restaurants are also good gifts, ensuring that your dad makes use of the gifts that you buy him.

Evidently, you know your parents best, so when it comes to giving them the ultimate gift, make sure to think outside the box and be as thoughtful as you can.

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